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Manufacturer’s warranties and limitations of liability
In today’s market economy, consumers repeatedly acquire goods from retailers for use in personal and business situations where there is little, if any, paperwork between the parties other than the carbon copy of the credit card transaction receipt. More

Recent product liability cases
The hardening of judicial attitudes in NSW and other jurisdictions towards personal injury claims is as prevalent in the area of product liability as it is in others. The courts are definitely moving away from a regime where ‘moral duty equates to legal duty’. Running such claims involves significant risk and costs exposure for the claimant. More

Rural Practitioners, Rural Clients and Rural OH&S Issues
Personal injury practitioners are well placed to deliver occupational health and safety advice in a time when the business community is in great need of such services. This is especially so in rural Australia where other OH&S agencies are somewhat thin on the ground. More

Toxic Torts: A Hitchhikers’s Guide
Chemical injury is the greatest threat to our quality of life in the 21st century, yet is probably the most misdiagnosed ailment facing the medical profession. Against this background, litigation lawyers are being consulted by clearly debilitated clients who usually have little, if any, medical evidence as to what has caused their disability. More