When severe losses are incurred by your business or rural enterprise as a result of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, your future, indeed your ultimate survival, could rely on the competence of your lawyer.

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to the complexities of litigation for the recovery of losses suffered by small business.

For more than 35 years, Peter Long has earned his reputation as a dogged fighter for clients who have deserved to be compensated for their losses.

Peter and his team willingly tackle the most difficult or controversial cases and they do not baulk at the size of opponents.  Conducting litigation on behalf of groups and communities throughout Australia who are not normally seen as litigious has resulted in industries adopting improved labelling, quality assurance and support.

Success in litigation is significantly dependent upon preparation and forensic analysis of evidence and Peter Long has an outstanding track record in this vitally important area of practice.

As well as conducting most of the major litigation for small businesses and rural enterprises in Australia’s recent history, Peter Long has won hundreds of smaller group actions and individual claims for small business clients against state and local governments, machinery manufacturers, feed manufacturers and individuals.

Cases and areas of service have included:

  • Contaminated soil
  • Contaminated fuel
  • Contaminated stock feed
  • Defective cultivators, air seeders, headers, tractors and other agricultural machinery
  • Infertile bulls
  • Negligent agronomic, accounting and/or auditing service and advice
  • Defective chemicals
  • Defective electronic irrigation equipment
  • Breach of share farming agreements
  • Grain trading disputes
  • Water disputes
  • Spray drift
  • Nuisance from water, fumes and dust
  • Numerous other situations that befall members of the small business community each day

RURAL LAW with Peter Long take on work for clients from throughout Australia, often on referral from other lawyers or from farmers’ bodies and small business associations.

Clients are mostly seen at their farms, homes or business places because that is where the relevant evidence is usually situated.

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