Rural Law with Peter Long respects your privacy. We abide by the National Privacy Principles and the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth). This statement explains how we deal with personal information submitted to us by individuals who are either inquiring about or using our services.

Collection & Use of Personal Information:

We do not collect personal information unless the person concerned:

  • supplies that information to us; or
  • consents to that information being supplied to us.

Information supplied to Rural Law with Peter Long will be collected and used by us for the following primary purposes:

  • responding to inquiries about our services;
  • acting as a legal representative, advisor or consultant of the entity supplying the information or (if it is acting on behalf of another person) its client;
  • notifying you of our other services or other information about which we feel you may be interested.

Disclosure of Personal Information:

Rural Law with Peter Long will not use or disclose personal information for purposes other than:

  • the primary purpose for which it was originally collected;
  • purposes that are reasonable for the discharge of the primary purpose;
  • in situations where it is reasonably necessary to carry out our usual business (e.g.: dealing with other lawyers, witnesses, etc.);
  • those consented to by you;
  • where disclosure is required by law;
  • If we are required by law to disclose information about you then we will take reasonable action to notify you of the nature and circumstances of the disclosure.

Consequences of Not Supplying Information:

If you do not supply the information then Rural Law with Peter Long will not be able to respond to your inquiry or properly supply the services that you require.

Access to Personal information:

You may request access to all information held by us that relate to you. You also have the right to request that any inaccuracy be corrected.

Internet & E-mail Communications:

Information that you supply by E-mail or via our Web Site is not secure. Information in E-mail’s and Web Forms must pass through Web and Mail Servers that leave a trace of their passage and content.

If you intend to supply sensitive or confidential legal information then you should supply it by one of the following means:

  • in person;
  • by mail;
  • by facsimile;
  • by password protected document attached to e-mail.

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Further Information:

If you require any further information or assistance please contact us