The legal work involved in acquiring and divesting interests in real property (i.e. buying and selling properties) is called conveyancing. While you can do your own conveyancing, just as you can do your own brain surgery if you hold the mirror steady enough, we strongly recommend engaging a professional to do it for you.

RURAL LAW with Peter Long has extensive experience with a number of conveyancing matters from simple residential properties to multi-million dollar rural and commercial transactions including water trading. Often, our team is faced with complex property transfers but we work in the best interests of our clients to successfully complete all matters

We take our conveyancing matters extremely seriously and ensure that each matter is undertaken with meticulous care and attention to detail. We often stress to our clients the importance of involving their accountant in any property transaction to ensure any GST or tax implications are considered prior to any binding Contract being entered into and, often, a three second phone call to a client’s accountant can save a whole deal from going south.

RURAL LAW with Peter Long can assist you to negotiate a successful conveyancing transaction in the most efficient and beneficial way possible.

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